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Shipping & Returns

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This policy is subject to Company’s Terms of Use available at

Shipping Policy

  • All orders are normally processed within 2-3 business days after purchasing. A receipt will be sent to you via email.

  • Once shipped, orders will generally take 5-7 business days to arrive depending on where you live. You will receive an order confirmation once the item is shipped.

  • EXPRESS DELIVERY (IL) - If you choose EXPRESS DELIVERY as the delivery method, your order will arrive within 3 business days and at a cost of 80 NIS. 
    The express delivery option will be available on the website according to the discretion of the company. In times of pressure, express delivery may or may not be possible.

  • PERSONAL ORDER - Once you submit your unique COCONUTLOVE custom design, we’ll custom-make your jewelry and deliver them to you in 14 business days.

  • Domestic (IL) orders over 800 NIS will be eligible for free shipping . International Orders over 1,800 NIS will be eligible for free shipping

  • Customer is responsible for International Duties and Taxes.

  • Mailing address for shipping returns: COCONUT LOVE, Mailbox 3204, Htzelia B 4610303

Return & Exchange Policy

  • An item purchased online may be replaced/returned for credit toward an online purchase up to 14 days after its receipt, provided it was not used or damaged.

  • Items purchased for a winning or as a raffle prize are not subject to return / monetary credit/replacement.

  • You can't return or exchange custom-designed jewelry or any personalized merchandise unless they arrive damaged.

  • Website SALE campaigns launched from time to time do not include double discounts or new collections unless published otherwise.

  • Item replacement shall be subject to invoice submission and provided the item is returned in its original package, intact and unused.

  • We do not guarantee that the replacement size or item is available on stock.

  • Where the client mistakenly ordered an item and the shipment was sent to the client – the client will bear the delivery costs.

  • Items may be returned or replaced by registered mail along with an order number and name or by messenger unless replacement is due to an iteam that arrived defective, you will be charged a fee of 35 NIS.

  • Items must be returned in the original COCONUT LOVE box, carefully wrapped and sent by registered mail/messenger (along with a tracking number) in order to prevent damage to the jewelry during transport.

  • Where the item is not sent as specified above, we shall not be responsible for any lost or damaged item.

  • When returning/replacing an item, a note must be attached with the following:

Full name

Order no. (appears in the e-mail received after the purchase)

Name and size of the item you wish to receive as a replacement.

  • Return/Replacement shipment costs will be borne by the client only unless the returned iteam was defective when received.

  • Where a package that we sent is returned to us for any reason, the client will bear the payment of the repeat shipment unless the iteam was returned due to a defect that existed in the iteam when received by customer.

  • It is hereby clarified and emphasized that, unfortunately, we have no control over the  Postal Services and delivery companies. However, in case of a problem, contact us and we will do all that we can to help.

Credit and Transaction Cancellation

  • If you request a refund, The refund will be effected through the payment method used to execute the transaction, and unless credit or cancellation are requested due to a defect that existed in the iteam when received by Customer, we may deduct 5% of the transaction value (excluding shipment fees) or 100 NIS – the lower thereof. The refund will be issued only after the items are received at the COCONUT LOVE headquarters and tested to ensure that the items were not used or damaged.

  • You can't return or exchange custom-designed jewelry or any personalized merchandise.

  • Items may be returned or replaced by registered mail along with an order number and name or by messenger for a fee of 35 NIS.

  • If you request credit in lieu of a refund after returning items within 14 business days (provided the item was not used following extensive testing at the COCONUT LOVE headquarters) – credit equivalent to the returned item value will be issued for use on the website.

  • We may set-off any amount that you owe us (e.g. shipment or cancellation fees) from
    any amount that we owe you (e.g. a refund).

Preorder items 

  • You have paid NOW and promised yourself these loved products that we will ship to you in 30 Business days.
    Although you may need some patience, you can be sure it will be yours!
    As usual first-come first-served, make sure you are first!

  • Coconut Love may cancel a reservation by terminating the Pre-Order at any time for any or no reason. In case your order was canceled by us you will receive a full refund of the purchase Price.


Important to Know

  • The products consist of cultured pearls and gems, therefore the item may be slightly different from the images appearing on the website.


All items are personally designed, handmade and made of the best quality and most durable materials.
The black pearls are cultured pearls, carefully painted with best materials during 35 days under strict supervision. 

The items are resistant in the shower, but must not be immersed in the sea or swimming pool.

Pearls are delicate items. Please use them gently. Avoid contact with salts, oils, perfume, grooming products, chlorine, high temperature water, cleaning materials or other chemicals that might tarnish the items or irreparably damage them.

To avoid exposure to extended moisture, store the items in a dry and dark area and not in the bathroom.

We offer a 6 months guarantee from purchase date.

The guarantee is personal and non-transferrable.

The guarantee does not apply to the following:

  • Breakage, tear or damage to the item due to unreasonable use or failure to comply with the terms of use.

  • Loss or theft of the item or parts thereof.

Where the item was damaged during the guarantee period despite the use recommendations, contact us to repair the item using the order number only. It is important to remember that every incident of damage will be examined individually by the COCONUT LOVE headquarters to determine how to handle the matter.

The defective item will be returned by registered mail along with an order number and name or by messenger for a fee of 35 NIS

Where the client received a defective product, contact us immediately and the matter will be handled as a top priority.

Item repair or replacement takes 30 business days.



As always, we will continue to do all that we can to provide you with the most professional and suitable service.

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